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Get Paid To Relax

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It Pays to Tweet
Receive an Airdrop of up to $100 when you Mention
@RelaxToEarn in a
Tweet with one of our hashtags: #GetPaidToRelax or #ItPaysToRelax. 
Please Include your BSC Address for Airdrop.

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Our Permaculture Project provides food freedom.  #RelaxToEarn provides free organic food to anyone in need via partnerships with local farmers and permaculture producers. (Hawaii) 
Relax In Abundance Community Rules
Sell tokens whenever you need.
Buy back tokens whenever you can.
Be active in our online social media community and attend events when can.
Take time to relax daily.  spread peace love & aloha in your personal life.

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We are developing an island based healing retreat designed to maximize relax8tion. 

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Our music and ambient sounds productions promote peace, healing and relaxation.

50% of the proceeds from our albums are put back into $NESARA token.


Relax8tion Mission Statement
To Produce High Quality Products that promote health, wellness and inner peace.
To build a prospering community and reward our members via transparent profit sharing.


Meet The Founder

My Name is Neo and I am the founder of Relax8tion.
I created this project to help uplift humanity by introducing as many people as possible to the benefits of inner peace,  relaxation and mindfulness. I am passionate about creating abundance and progressive communities. Hence, this project provides the dual opportunity of earning passive income via decentralized finance ($NESARA) and supports your personal growth through relaxation.

Remember to rest and relax everyday, be authentic, live fearlessly & follow your passion! 

with love, 
-Neo Prince
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